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CMS for J2EE Application

Question asked by joelmakinen on Mar 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by tjeerd
We are looking for CMS that would handle content displayed
in our J2EE application. Our application has JSR-170 support so it can access
JCR and fetch content from there. So far I have narrowed my search to Hippo CMS,
Magnolia and Alfresco.

We were first looking into Liferay which is currently used in our public website
but we soon discovered that it didn't put all its content to the repository
(JackRabbit) but instead contents were in articles which were persisted directly
to the database. So that wasn't suitable solution for us.

It seems that Alfresco has full JSR-170 support. My question is
that is it really so? Are all contents put to the repository or is something left
to be put somewhere else?

Would you suggest using Alfresco for handling content dispalyed in proprietary J2EE application?