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Using Alfresco in single user mode

Question asked by vidhya on Nov 2, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2009 by tvaughan77
We are using Alfresco CMS as a document repository in our application with our custom built UI. Around 100 concurrent application users are going to be performing upload / download / search operations against Alfresco at any given point in time.

We do not have a requirement of identifying  or tracking each application user's activity in the CMS system. Therefore, we have only a single user in Alfresco having coordinator role (maximum permissions).

So all 100 application users' activity is routed to CMS through a single user (similar to using a database). Will this become a bottle neck ? If so, we can have a pool of limited users (say about 10). Will this solve the problem ? If not, what is the suggested measure ?

The communication with CMS is through RESTful webservice calls authenticated using HttpClient.

Please help.