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Lucene Queries from Node Browser failing

Question asked by jjmierwa on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by mitpatoliya

I'm still very new to both Alfresco and Lucene so please bear with me. I am running 4.0.b. When going to the node browser and trying to execute Lucene queries, I continually get the following error message "Search failed due to: 021315839" The numbers at the end vary with each identical query or query variant thereof that I run. I am doing very basic queries based on those detailed on a search tutorial and also on the web services SDK examples where the content has already been created. The logs appear to be running but I am seeing no exceptions being generated.

Does any one out there have any ideas? Is it something in the way that the system was configured or does Lucene have to be somehow enabled? Any ideas are welcome.