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Sample Workflow problem

Question asked by webraccoon on Mar 3, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by vinaxwater
Hi Folks,

i tried out the Workflow example from the Alfresco Book Developers Guide.
So it seems the workflow works generally, but there is one thing i don't understand:

In the chapter is explained to write a variable with name "scwf_helloName" with an expression which is just logging the value from this variable.
The example workflowmodel contains a property of an type with the name scwf:helloName.

So, if i deploy the WF and choose it in Alfresco Explorer and start it, i have an Input Field with Name Owner (not Name as in properties Fiel defined) and it is empty and grey (so i'am unable to fill it).
The Example in the book says, this field is filled from system with an name. Ich checked the workflow and the model some times but couldn't find an error.

Where is the problem, respectively how can i define the input field to write some value in it?