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Custom Action To Trigger Download of Node's Content

Question asked by vamirr on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2012 by prker63
I'm trying to develop a custom action in Share that will trigger the download of content from a node in another location.

The idea is that upon clicking the custom action on the folder in Share, a java-backed webscript generates a new node in the repository in some other directory and populates its content accordingly.  After creation, I need to trigger a download of the content.

At this point, my java-backed webscript operates as expected. It takes an argument of the folder nodeRef and the output freemarker template contains an html redirect to download the newly created content. 

The action is visible under actions in Share's document library for folders. Clicking it creates the new node.   My question is then how can I trigger the download within the Share action code (modules.actions.genericAction).