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Scanning and send documents from OKI MFP

Question asked by tremalnaik on Mar 14, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by tremalnaik

I'm working cos' my OKI MFP transfers all that scan into an Alfresco Space.

For the first test I editted the file-servers-custom.xml file adding these lines:

<config evaluator="string-compare" condition="CIFS Server">
     <tcpipSMB port="1445" ipv6="${cifs.ipv6}" platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/>
     <netBIOSSMB sessionPort="1139" namePort="1137" datagramPort="1138" platforms="linux,solaris,macosx"/>

In this manner, if I add a User Space, for example "oki", in my Windows Explorer using his nickname and password, there're any problem.

But when I assing the same url like destination in the MFP, only works if I use the admin user & password.

Do I need to configure something else to that shipments are valid also for a normal user other than the administrator?