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Upload image on TinyMCE widget editor

Question asked by d.montagni on Nov 2, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2009 by kramoutar
Hi all,

I've got an unexpected behaviour on "upload image" button inside the TinyMCE widget editor.
When I tried to upload an image from inside Alfresco the html that will be generated contains
the absolute path instead of the relative one.

For example the IMG tag contains something like
<img src="http:SOMEHOST:8080/alfresco/testspace/images/testimage.jpg" alt="" />
instead of
<img src="/testspace/images/testimage.jpg" alt="" />

it happens from time to time, even when I try to edit the path manually from the editor.
I was wondering if can be something related to the user profile, because we only have the "admin" user
that is used simultaneously from many users.