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Records Management (Supp. Markings)

Question asked by simon.white on Nov 2, 2009

I've been checking out the new Records Management module on Community (looking forward to an Enterprise release).  The general records management structure and the nature of the DOD standard itself is very well documented at  That's great, thanks Alfresco!

What I'm trying to get my head around now is how some of the features are implemented with a view to customisation / expansion to meet particular customer needs.  Is there, or will there be, a guide similar to the now defunct RecordsmanagementUserGuide page on the Wiki (

The feature I'm having particular trouble understanding at the moment is the  Supplemental Marking feature - is there any documentation that describes how this works?  Should I be looking at the DOD standard itself?  I will post some particular questions on this to the Records Management forum in a second, but this is really just a call to see if there's any documentation on either this feature, or RM as a whole, that I've missed.

The documentation I've found consists of:

    The records management category on the Wiki
    The links from -> Products ->Records Management
Thanks very much in advance,