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Recovery - Alfresco Cluster

Question asked by hellolee2012 on Mar 15, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by hellolee2012

I have a question about the recovery procedures when one of the cluster server is failure. If we setup 2 cluster servers by using Alfresco Community 4, let's say server A & B. Once server A was crashed, then we need to install a new server. After we restore all files & database at server A. At that moment, all files & database at server B will be the only & up-to-date server within enterprise. Couple of hours later, we setup new server A and restore all files & database from backup. My question is that at the restore time of server A, it will become the newest version (files creation time) of all files. After the clustering is established, will it be overwrited all files & transactions within database from server A to server B? However, all files & transactions at server B are most up-to-date when server A was down. Is it possible to be happened?