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Replace Site Dashboard with User Dashboard?

Question asked by systec on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2010 by systec

I'd like to 'hack' Alfresco Share so that the default page after login is the site homepage. However i'd like the dashboard in view to be the user dashboard and not the site dashboard. Although we have more than one site 99% of users only belong to a single site. We'd like them to go directly to their site but would still like to retain the benefit of individual dashboards. I'd like the URL to reflect the site name in some way for eg. "page/site/${site}/${user}/dashboard". (The user id in the URL is optional).

We've always only had one site so i've been able to get the user dashboard working where any site dashlets have had the site name simply hardcoded. With the introduction of another site i have been able to replace the hardcoding with a value from the users properties (in this case user.location). This works rather well in that two users can log onto the same application, and go to two different homepages with different themes - all driven by the user property.

However a few users will need to belong to both sites. The easy option seems to be to introduce the 'My Sites' dashlet to those few users. BTW, no users are allowed to customise their own dashboards at this stage. They're pretty much preset. The 'My Sites' dashlet could potentially resolve this issue if it wasn't for the user.location property being used in some of the templates. If i could go back to using the site name off the URL for any dashlets that require them then this solution would work. However i would need the homepage URL to include the site name but still use the user dashboard.

Does anyone know how the user dashboard is built up from user preferences and how i could go about replacing the site dashboard with a user dashboard?