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Uploading large files using UploadContentServlet

Question asked by vidhya on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2011 by michalwrobel
I am uploading big files as described in

If I specify the URL with path like http://ps5625:9090/alfresco/upload/workspace/SpacesStore/Company%20Home/WilliamsLeaSpace/ the servlet returns error expectations not met. what is the meaning of this error ? Am I making some mistake in constructing the path ?

If I specify URL without path like http://ps5625:9090/alfresco/upload, the upload goes through and I get HTTP 200 as the status (success), however, I cannot see the uploaded file in Alfresco client.
What is the default space in which it is stored ? why is it not found on the Alfresco client ( I did a search on name and yet did not find it.)
How do I make my uploaded content (uploaded through servlet PUT method) appear on the client ?

Please help !!! I have spent a lot of time trying this but not finding a solution :(