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Frustrated Shopper ... Comparisons to other software

Question asked by joevans3 on Nov 3, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2009 by mlarkinmn
I am a non-IT professional, I have been shopping around for an ECM solution for our firm.  We have about 40 people in 3 separate offices and want to set up an "intranet" and document-sharing system.

I have used SharePoint extensively in the past, and I've used demos of Mind Touch and Alfresco now, as well as shopping around for some of the dashboard builders/ site creators like One Hub.  Even Google Sites can do some of the things we want.  I have tried to use the demos to mock up some of the pages we want: basic document management, communication, calendars, sites/groups etc., so we can get a feel for it.    While Alfresco seems to have these functions, it has been much, much harder for me to get everything set up than on any of the other programs.  I can get some dashboards going, but that's about it.  Even really simple things,  like mocking up a company page with our logo on it, seem completely out of reach.  Am I missing something? Is Alfresco designed to require a full-time IT person with open source background to design and maintain it?  Do I have to use code to create pages?  Is it not designed to let "power-users" set it up and run it?

Or am I comparing apples to oranges?