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Question asked by jason1234 on Nov 3, 2009
Hi everyone,

Newbie Alfresco person. Installed last few days and just finding my way around. Impressed so far. I have trawled this forum and Google to try and get an answer for my question but as yet can't find it anywhere. Here goes….

I see that by selecting the Consumer role the list of Document Actions is streamlined down to: Download, Copy to…, Assign workflow.
Is it possible to not display the Copy to…, Assign workflow actions - either for this role or for all other roles? I don't want to remove the underlying functionality - just the options available to the user.

I hope this doesn't strike you as a strange question but the prospective users who would see this would have no use for it - and I want to hide any functionality they won't need, or indeed could misuse.

Thanks in anticipation.