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Imap does not work on big databases

Question asked by sebp on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2009 by icart
I've tested imap with a fresh installation of alfresco community 3.2r. After resolving an issue (ETHREEOH-3199) it was working quite ok on the nearly empty database. I was able to see all folders of the database as imap folders in outlook express. After copying our production database into the test system I tried to refresh the imap folders in outlook. Outlook connected to alfresco and started to refresh but alfresco wasn't answering for minutes. I found out that the ImapServiceImpl tries to get all folders of the whole database from the fileFolderService. This takes hours. And this happens every time when a user wants to see the available alfresco imap folders. Even limiting the amount of amount of imap folders using mountpoints doesnt reduce the time to wait to a level that is acceptable in production use. I could imagine that it would help if:
1. Users could set mountpoints manually on the folders they need as imap folders
2. Alfresco caches the imap folders it found in the first search and then updates this cache if folders are added/removed under one of the mount points.
Is there any way to do this already? Or, are these features planned for future releases?