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Question asked by ukdavo on Mar 16, 2012
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Hi folks

I've packaged up a custom content model definition in an AMP file. Included in the AMP is a web-client-config.xml that makes the custom types and aspects available in the Explorer UI. This all works fine except for the fact that the labels for the custom properties are not correctly rendered. I get the following error in the logfile:

WARN  [] [http-8080-1] Failed to find I18N message key: my_documentType for locale: en_US

I added a resource bundle to the AMP file at various locations:

/config/alfresco/module/${moduleId}/ui/              (this is where I have my web-client-config.xml)

..but no joy - same error. I then copied the resource bundle to $TOMCAT/shared/classes/alfresco/extension/ This works but the problem is that it's not included in the AMP. Is there anyway that I can include the in the AMP?



I tried this with Alfresco Community 4.0d (32-bit Win).