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Automatic PDF generation

Question asked by smcardle on Mar 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2010 by smcardle

Using actions can I perform the following use case:

Create 2 spaces for the same directory.
Space 1 = read/write - This is the space that users will created and modify documents in, for example word and open office. These are versioned with extraction of metadata etc.
Space 2 = read only - this points to Space 1 but is read only for the latest version of documents only.

1. User creates or updates a document in Space 1 which is then submits for appoval
2. Document is appoved.
3. External users see only Space 2 (the read only latest versions) and can download from here.

The twist is that I want the users of Space 2 to see the documents as PDF files. I don't want to create and store PDF's from the documents in Space 1, I want the read only Space 2 just to show the latest documents as PDF files.


Steven McArdle