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CMIS API and interoperability

Question asked by puntino on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2009 by puntino
I have a big doubt on CMIS and the software developed for its implementation. Probably, I do not understand
because I'm still a freshman in the ECM world.
To make  my point clear, I'm going to provide to you an example.
Hypothesis: I'm using the alfresco chemistry API  (org.alfresco.chemistry)
For sake of simplicity suppose I want to write a method for connecting to Alfresco:
I'd write something like:

import org.apache.chemistry.tck.atompub.http.httpclient.HttpClientConnectionFactory;
public connectoToEcm(String username, String passwpord){
  ConnectionFactory connFactory = new HttpClientConnectionFactory();
  Connection connection = connFactory.createConnection(username, password);

if I decide to replace Alfresco with FileNet, can I still use the method connectToEcm?
should I change the ConnectionFactory object?
Thank you