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Combining web script and traditional website

Question asked by lehaihua444 on Mar 5, 2010
Hi all,

I am in trouble with how to combining web scripts and traditional websites.

Here is what I want to achieve. I want to have a traditional public that everyone can see, and the contents of the public site can be managed by Alfresco Share. So for example, if I create a new file called "new release.pdf" under document library in Alfresco Share, my traditional website will update dynamically and have a link to this "new release.pdf" file.

I have been looking around how I can do that, and lately, I got a reply from someone saying I need to use Web Script.

So I decided to look deep into Web Scripts. I found some similar examples already, but I don't know how to modify them and use them with my traditional website. One example is the "Folder Listing Sample", which is a web script that take a "path" as argument, and returns a list of the files. If this can be combined with my traditional website, this would be very helpful.

So here is my questions:
1. let say I use this example web script, how can I parse the returned data into my traditional website?
     I am thinking to achieve this, there may be two possibilities:
           1.a) modify the script so that it saves the list of the contents and their links into a xml file, and then use html to read the xml file and thus, create a dynamic website based on the contents managed by Alfresco share. There is two problems with this approach right now; 1) is I don't know how to save into a xml file. 2) is that if I save the file, there is a high chance that I don't know where it is. (Usually I can't find the files generated, hopeful I can modify the script such that it will be saved in a known directory.
           1.b) I can create several variables to store the list of contents and their links, and then in my html file, I can use these variables. Again, I don't know how to achieve this.
  So please, can anyone tell me which one is better and how to achieve it.
2. Does all my traditional website files have to be uploaded into Alfreso Explorer (E.g. under Company Home)? Or can I have another repository storing all my traditional website files (would that cause any problems?)?

Any help would be great for me at this moment.
Thanks in advance.