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Prop with Adding/Removing Workflow

Question asked by webraccoon on Mar 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2010 by targa2000

so, how is it possible to remove Advanced Workflows?
I created a Advanced Workflow, which worked fine.
So, i copied this files, renamed it and adjust the functionality to create my next Workflow.

I restarted Alfresco and tried to work with this Workflow. But Alfresco is just Throwing Exceptions "Namespace prefix mywf is not mapped to a namespace URI"
I checked it and restarted, but always the same error.

The next step was to remove all files containing all Information about my custom workflows and restarted alfresco.
So error is still there, it seems i don't have a chance to remove my workflows or add different ones.

Waht can i do in this case? Reinstall Alfresco?