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2 servers in a cluster, file replication not 100%

Question asked by usuf on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2009 by chapeaurouge

I am in the file replication configuration stage of setting up 2 servers in a cluster. One is located at head office, the other at a branch in another city.
I'm using Alf community 3.2 on fedora 10 machines with multicast running and index rebuilding set to AUTO every 5 seconds. There is a VPN running between both servers.

The branch office uses head office's mySQL database & both have shared directories which I have set as the "network content store" in replicating-content-services-context.xml

So here is the problem: I can create a test file as Admin in Guest Home at the Branch and it will appear at Head office almost immediately, and once I click on it, I am able to view it in a browser.

If I create content as Admin in Guest Home at Head office, all that appears at the Branch is the file name and the date that is was created… no description or file size. If I click on it to view it in a browser, I get a "contents node is missing" error.

Here's the clincher.. If i click on "edit online", then I "cancel editing" on the "missing" file, the description and size appears, and I am able to view it in a browser….

Does anyone know what is going on here, or what I am missing?

Thanks ;D