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Problem:Attaching different files with same name to workflow

Question asked by jsauer on Mar 5, 2010
I have a review workflow which is used to compare different file versions. The files are stored on different locations in the repository and the workflow result should be that one of the files will be declared obsolete.

If the two files have different names everything is fine. If they have the same name I get
A system error happened during the operation: Duplicate child name not allowed: myfile_to_compare.txt

The path of the files is different:
/Company Home/User Homes/jsauer/myfile_to_compare.txt
/Company Home/User Homes/department_a/files/myfile_to_compare.txt

Any solution for this?

One solution I could think of, would be taking the documents ID as the key to be used inside the workflow to reference the document. Have not looked into the implementation though to figure out how tough it would be to solve this.

Anybody else being affected by this? (We can make a group request to Alfresco to address it)