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Finding Alfresco Labs Consultants

Question asked by unknown-user on Nov 4, 2009
I am in the planning and testing phases of an ECM implementation for my company (35 users). I would love to use the Enterprise version of Alfresco, but it's just too expensive for a company of our size. At the same time, Alfresco and its individual components are not strictly my area of expertise, so I don't want to forgo support entirely.

We use an open-source, Asterisk based PBX that was entirely foreign to me when I started working with it, but I'm mostly able to manage now. However, when I do get stuck there is consultant that I use to get me through the rough patches. I would like something similar for Alfresco, but I have found Alfresco Labs consultants to be very tricky to find.

Are there companies that specialize in such consulting? Does anyone have any recommendations? I would prefer a company in my area (Wisconsin), if possible, but that's not entirely necessary.