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recommended load balancer for all services, not just http

Question asked by xarope on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by danielf
does anybody have any recommendations on how to do LB for a setup proper, including not just alfresco share, but also CIFS and IMAP?

I've already implemented, using the recommendations in the wiki for alfresco cluster setup, the simple cluster with two separate alfresco instances+solr, accessing a shared postgresql database and NFS file store, with Apache 2.2 on a separate server to do http load balancing to the alfresco tomcat instances.

However, apart from alfresco share, we would also like to use the IMAP service as well as CIFS access.  Is this something people have accomplished with Apache as well, or have you switched to nginx/varnish/some other hardware load balancer (although I would think that whatever a HW LB can do, should also be doable in software - after all, the HW LB is just running some embedded unix variant at the end of the day).