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Force completion of parallell review task by manager

Question asked by loftux on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by mitpatoliya
How can you give authority to a manager to say that the parallell review task should be considered complete?

Flow is something like

Start—Pre-Task—Parallell Review—Completion Task—End
                 |                  |
In the parallell review task I have reviewers that all (as in 100%) have to complete the review task to move to completion task (performed by one assigned individual).
The "Manager Task" is not there yet, but to illustrate what I need to achieve. At some point the Manager can decide that the parallell reviews performed so far is enough, and those reviewers that are slacking missed there chance.

So how can I do this? Is it a separate manager task, that somehow signals to the review task that it is all complete? But then preferably if Review is 100% complete, then Manager task should complete itself (there is nothing to decide about, since review task is complete by all reviewers).
Any other way to do this?