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Uploading document does not replace old version

Question asked by danie_lgr on Nov 4, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2009 by pamolendijk
I have experienced an issue with Alfresco Share where uploading a new version of a document does not replace the old version, although the history information for both are kept. Basically, all I do is:
1. Check out a document and edit offline
2. Edit the document
3. Upload the new version.

This issue is not consistent - most of the time it works as expected. However, in the cases where it does go wrong:
- Previewing or downloading the document will result will provide the old version;
- The version information for the new version will be added to the version history;
- The previous version's date stamp changes to what looks like the document's last check-out date.

This issue is not easily reproducible, and does not happen for every document. However, it is a fairly major problem as we cannot be certain that the version in CMS is the latest available. At first I thought it might be local browser caching issues, but the old version is also shown on all other machines in the office.

Any ideas as to what might be happening?