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Missing files in alfresco-community-sdk-3.2r2

Question asked by _valerio_ on Mar 5, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2010 by ray_30579
hi everibody :D
during the installation of alfresco-community-sdk-3.2r2 on eclipse, when I perform the step SDKEmbedded->properties->Javadoc Location->javadoc URL I found that there wasn't the file  remote-api-doc  :?:  ; also I experienced that I couldn't add  web-client-doc because some files are missing.  :cry: 
Thinking that was a problem of my sdk, I tried to download another alfresco-community-sdk-3.2r2, but the problem remains the same.

how can I solve the problem?
Are the functionalities of my alfresco-community-sdk-3.2r2 compromised?

thanks all!