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Search not finding documents

Question asked by goldmar on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2012 by goldmar

I've got the following problem: I've setup a new copy of Alfresco CE and some users have already uploaded some files (about 2 GB). Lots of documents cannot be found via the search. E.g. we have 200+ documents named "Gartner …" but searching for Gartner yields only one result. This happens with other search terms, too. I've tried to run a full reindex but it did not help. Then I've tried to download one of the Gartner files that cannot be found and reuploaded it… and voilá, now it can be found via the search.

Now I'm confused… this seems to be a problem with the search index… but I don't understand why it isn't fixed via a reindex but simply reuploading the document helps.

I did not experience these problems on the previous Alfresco CE installation I set up.