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Unable to store large data in version properties

Question asked by tulika on Nov 5, 2009

I have written my custom spring bean which is deployed in Alfresco. I have an API in this bean which accepts my input data and creates a new versionable file node using that data. Before creating new node, my API also parses this input data to generate a set of properties which are to be stored in version properties of this newly created versionable node.

My code snippet:

NodeRef newFileNode = null ;
//code to create new node with input data
HashMap<String, Serializable>() versionProps = new HashMap<String, Serializable>() ;
//code to generate some properties from input data and add it to versionProps

versionService.createVersion(newFileNode , versionProps);

My code works perfectly fine in normal scenarios and I am able to retrieve these saved version properties.

But in some cases when my property map,  versionProps become too large, then I start having trouble. In case versionProps is too large, Alfresco does not store any version properties with the node version. So any attempt to retrieve version properties of that node results in null being returned.

What I want to know is there some upper limit on the amount of data we can store in version properties of a node?