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How to know content is Layered content? and retrieve Childs

Question asked by kirit on Mar 20, 2012
I am using WCM alfresco 3.1 enterprise
1) How do I know a particular content is layered or not?
2) How to get all the Childs of layered content.

e.g. Let's say I have folder "parent" in project A, now in project B and C,  I have layered folders "childB" and "childC" which parent as projectA/parent.
So when we are editing content in parent we are doing some custom actions, for non-layered its working fine but when I have layered content which got updated need to replicate same action for child actions so hot to get the Childs of any layered node.

I have tried below code
(avmNode.isLayeredDirectory() && avmNode.isPrimary())
but this is not giving appropriate result as its giving true even for non-layered nodes.

Please suggest.