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Alfresco becomes inaccessible

Question asked by konsultex on Nov 5, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2009 by konsultex
I'm using Alfresco 2.9b on Windows 2003 server sp2 with Sun JDK 1.6.0_14 64 bit on a well sized server (Xeon quad core, 24 gb ram). I installed this in Windows from the Alfresco Tomcat bundle quite a long time ago, around the time this version became available (in 2008 I believe). In the last months I upgraded the JDK to the version I'm using now. I have a web application in the same Tomcat with Alfresco (a separate url) that works together with Alfresco. Alfresco talks to MySql and the application to MySql and Sql Server 2005 using JTDS. The users are authenticated by Alfresco which itself talks to Active Directory. Alfresco is used as the storage for the application and provides services in the form of web scripts for transitioning work flows, getting users, transfering files (via ftp), etc. but nothing really "heavy duty". There are currently about 40,000 documents in the storage which is about 25 gb in size. About 3 weeks ago I moved the storage (alf_data) to another directory on the same server due to lack of space in the original drive. No problems were detected after we started up again. The application has about 100 users but probably not more that 10 at any one time. The JDK options are generously sized for heap and PermSpace and we have not seem any OutOfmemory errors. Performance is acceptable for the application.

Out of the blue I now get incidents where the users can not login to the application, which happens because the application can not authenticate the user with Alfresco. I found that Alfresco itself is not available at that time, by which I mean that the /Alfresco url keeps you waiting forever with a blank screen. Without restarting Tomcat, if I use the Tomcat manager application I can restart Alfresco and the application and everything works again.

This started to happen about 2 weeks ago but as time passes it's getting more frequent and now happens several times a day. There might be a tendency to blame the problem on the new location of the storage, being the most recent change but I think this is not related although it happened at about the same time. I just mention this to supply all the facts.

Since I don't see anything strange in the logs I'm at a loss about where to look for a solution. My log may be hiding things though because I notice that after Alfresco starts, the alfresco.log file is cleaned so I really lose all the stuff during startup. Regarding the alfresco.log file, what part of Alfresco should I put into debug to try to get a better view?

Would my problem be an Alfresco problem (after all it does not even get to the login screen), a Tomcat problem, a JDK problem? Has anybody experienced this?