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Change Type dialog on share

Question asked by timpigden on Mar 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by bhavana
I've created a content sub-type. I can create content of this type using the older alfresco interface. I've modified the form so I can view the extra metadata of this type in Share. But I don't see how to make the type appear in the Change Type dialog.
Having half-understood a blog, I tried to copy the types.get.config.xml file from (somewhere deep in webapps) into alfresco/extension and then made this change

   <type name="cm:content">
       <subtype name="opkorg:person"/>
but that doesn't make any difference. The drop down still does not display my type.
What do I do? I'm an Alfresco novice - just started today - so please answer in very simple steps!