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Microsoft Document Template (.dot)

Question asked by satyendra on Mar 8, 2010
I am using Microsoft document template (.dot) with freemarker tags.

e.g (
Dear ${house.owner},
You are now owner of a new house.with following specification.
No. Of Rooms:${house.no_of_bedroom}
No. Of Kitchen:${house.no_of_kitchen}

please tell me how to process this .dot template. currently I am using

Template t = cfg.getTemplate("");
t.process(root, out_writer, ObjectWrapper.BEANS_WRAPPER); //API  process(object rootmap, Writer out, ObjectWrapper wraper) ;

I am getting the writer as :
PrintWriter out_writer = new PrintWriter(new File("D:\\template_output\\"));

template's process method does not work properly and the generated output
has lots of encoded text and thus microsoft office could not open this "" output file.