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Installation on Mac OSX 10.5

Question asked by mepageaujr on Nov 5, 2009
I am trying to install Alfresco Community 3.2 on my local network at work, we got it working on a windows system but the mac we have has a lot more hard drive space available plus we had some issues getting phpmyadmin to work with the alfresco database.

When I tried to install it on the Mac it kept giving me an error when I tried to connect to the database through any port. So I downloaded Xampp and ran the MySQL feature and sure enough it worked. I got it up and running and was able to do backups through phpmyadmin but for some reason could not log in to the admin panel (perhaps i somehow messed up the pass when installing it im not really sure). so I installed it fresh, now i cant connect to it at all.

My questions were, is xampp a good choice or is that going to screw up Alfresco? And do I have to do something special when I reinstall Alfresco so it installs correctly? I assume that the reason I cant connect to it even though im going to the same exact place as I did when it was working earlier is because I uninstalled it previously but I am not sure, I am a graphic design intern and I'm not used to these kinds of things lol.

Any help would be appreciated, oh and the Xampp version is 1.7.2a

Thanks again!