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To get the language properties of a particular document

Question asked by unknown-user on Mar 9, 2010

   I have uploaded a document of English language into one of the space.I have tranlasted the document .I am working on advanced workflow where i need to trigger the workflow for the document based on tha language.Could some please let me know what property we need to use to retrieve the language of the document.Following is the javascript that I have written to activate the workflow automatically..

// ————————————————————
// Name: Review_workflow.js
// Description:
// ————————————————————
var activeFolder = companyhome.childByNamePath("Advanced Workflow");
var workflow = actions.create("start-workflow");
workflow.parameters.workflowName = "jbpm$wf:review";
workflow.parameters["bpm:workflowDescription"] =;
workflow.parameters["bpm:assignee"] = people.getPerson('Lee_Credential');
var futureDate = new Date();
futureDate.setDate(futureDate.getDate() + 7);
workflow.parameters["bpm:workflowDueDate"] = futureDate;

Thanks in advance.