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Need a suggestion about how to implement unusual behaviour

Question asked by ale_carraro on Nov 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2014 by lucy
I have an uncommon requirement.
Alfresco here is used as a simple repository getting (image) documents from a scanner.

So far, I've used the great project to read a barcode written inside those documents, so I can use the barcode number to assign a property to the document (and other properties associated by that number) - it works like a charm (btw, if someone wants snippets to do this, simply ask me)

Now 2 new requirements:
1)if the scanned images are put in a multi-page-capable format (pdf or tiff), my boss want those pages to be merged in a single document. Any hint about this?

2)since we have no control over those documents, we can not choose to apply the barcode on each sheet of paper. So if I had resolved requirement 1, I still have the problem of merging all documents coming from the scanner since after the first sheet I have barcodes anymore. My boss suggested that the merge should occur when we find a document with a new barcode, meaning that the previous one had finishd. I don't like this solution (works only if there is a single user i.e. a single scanner, and is weak since a failure in reading the barcode would not throw an error but simply append the new document to the previous..) but my boss can live with that.
Do you have any suggestion/ideas? I don't need the work done, but I wonder if there is a better solution, or how to implement it at best
(for example, where do you think is the best place to 'record' the current barcode, would you do a SingletonService using Spring or store a type=base property on the sotre?)

thanks to everyone