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Executing an action in asynchronous mode

Question asked by andrepra on Mar 9, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2010 by mrogers
I have an action that works in batch mode configured as a scheduled action. I would like to call the same action from a webscript.
var rssImport = actions.create("importerPressReviewAction");
rssImport.parameters.dateFrom = dateFrom ;
rssImport.parameters.dateTo = dateTo ;
rssImport.parameters.mailTo =["cm:email"];
rssImport.parameters.mailFrom = "";
The problem is that take a lot of time and the webscript request ends with a timeout. Exists a solutions to launch the action in asynchronous mode? I found this link

but seems that  methods doen't exists on ScriptNode object.