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Working with collections of assets

Question asked by skim1420 on Mar 9, 2010
I'd like to be able to create "collections" of assets, much like iTunes playlists.  Dynamic collections based on criteria would be nice, but a static one is fine to start with.  The usage of these collections would be things like collaboration (invite members to work on a collection of assets together), bulk workflows (gather a set of documents and send for review), etc.

Based on my very limited familiarity with Alfresco, I'm looking at 2 options:

1. Create/develop a "collections" feature where user can arbitrarily create collections and add assets to them (either from the lists "selected items.." menu or from the asset details page). I'd have to build the security, workflow, etc. functionality around collections that already exist in sites.

2. Make usability modifications to the sites creation, access & management functionality so it's easier to get to and juggle sites. A downside of this approach is the multiple copies of assets you'd end up with, rather than having one copy across multiple "collections".

Any other/better approaches you'd recommend?