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Custom document links

Question asked by tara_b on Nov 9, 2009
Hi everyone,

I've been trying to create a custom link in the "Links" section of the document properties page, along with View in Browser, View in CIFS etc. When i navigate to that page, the URL is http://localhost:8080/alfresco/faces/jsp/browse/browse.jsp.  The problem is, I have looked all through this file and see no code that creates these links on the page.

I found a file in the /content directory called filelink-details. This seems to have code for creating links on the page, see below:

<td></f:verbatim><a:actionLink value="#{msg.view_in_browser}" href="#{DialogManager.bean.browserUrl}" target="new" id="link1" /><f:verbatim></td>
<td></f:verbatim><a:actionLink value="#{msg.view_in_webdav}" href="#{DialogManager.bean.webdavUrl}" target="new" id="link2" /><f:verbatim></td>
<td></f:verbatim><a:actionLink value="#{msg.view_in_cifs}" href="#{DialogManager.bean.cifsPath}" target="new" id="link3" /><f:verbatim></td>

However, when i change these or even delete them and restart Alfresco, there is no effect on the page.  Does anyone know where these links are generated from?