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Cannot find edit metadata in WCMQS

Question asked by chengwu on Mar 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2012 by ajbarnesy
I am new to the Alfresco, I installed Community V4.0d with advanced option and checked Web Quick Start, when I tried to sued Web Quick Start, after I add dashlet Web Quick Start to my web site and imported the Web Start Demo data, I tried to configure it, according to the documentation:
1.In the Web Quick Start site, navigate to the Document Library.
2.Click Edit Metadata on either the Quick Start Editorial folder, or the Quick Start Live folder.
3.Configure the Host Name, Port, and Web App Context fields to point to the location your web application (wcmqs.war).
4.Click Submit.

However, I could not find Edit Metadata option in the Document Library, can someone point me to the right the place where to find this option?

Thank you in advance!

Cheng in Fredericton, NB Canada