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Alfresco and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web services

Question asked by andrewlove on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2015 by pthomas77

We are experimenting with a product called Planet Press (
One feature we would like to use is its Sharepoint integration … but without using Sharepoint!

I have configured a clean install of Alfresco 4.0.d to use the SharePoint protocol support. I am tantalisingly close to getting PlanetPress to work with Alfresco however PlanetPress appears to use some Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web service calls that Alfresco doesn't support. Specifically, in debug mode, I can see PlanetPress trying to query Alfresco for lists, e.g. the Lists.asmx calls in the logs below:

2012-03-23 14:36:13,467  DEBUG [module.vti.handler] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Resolved file info for 'figaro-dms' is FileInfo[name=figaro-dms, isFolder=true, nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/21487c62-0a1f-435f-9387-9b734aa6567b]
2012-03-23 14:36:13,471  DEBUG [module.vti.handler] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] WebUrl: /alfresco/figaro-dms, fileUrl: '_vti_bin/Lists.asmx'
2012-03-23 14:36:13,479  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiFilter] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] User was authenticated successfully
2012-03-23 14:36:13,479  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiFilter] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Return VTI answer for HEAD request
2012-03-23 14:36:13,480  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Process request
2012-03-23 14:36:13,481  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Find appropriate action by specific rules
2012-03-23 14:36:13,481  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Specific rule not found
2012-03-23 14:36:13,482  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Find appropriate action by pattern for uri='/figaro-dms/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx'
2012-03-23 14:36:13,482  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Action found for request
2012-03-23 14:36:13,482  DEBUG [vti.web.VtiRequestDispatcher] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Execute target action: VtiSoapAction
2012-03-23 14:36:13,486  DEBUG [web.actions.VtiSoapAction] [1033614551@qtp-423621670-0] Target endpoint wasn't found for SOAP Action 'null'

The query above is to get a list of folders in a document library.

Is there a reason why lists are not supported and would it be possible to extend support for more SharePoint Foundation Web services?