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Custom Upload Form for Folder

Question asked by drozes on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2012 by drozes
Hi guys;
I know this is probably a large question but would love any direction,links or suggestions.

This relates to the Share tier.

When a user is within a folder or subfolder of the name 'Campaigns' I need a custom upload form.

I have found the link - but this seems to change it for every location.

My thoughts of how to accomplish this (without knowing how to impliment it).
1:When the user presses upload button.  Override the normal upload form.  Hit a webscript that will check the direction and return true/false if we are in the 'Campaigns' folder.  Use the boolean to display addition options.
2: If I can edit the upload button depending on which folder we are in,  I can drop in a custom upload button that will hit a webscript presentation with my own upload form.

Any and all help is appreciated.