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Question asked by georgi on Nov 10, 2009
malf - a mobile widget
A client for document management part where the user can login to Alfresco, upload files to his home space or search the repository. Current version is a Nokia Widget, developed using Nokia WRT.

- login to an Alfresco 3.2 Community repository sending the username and password as JSON POST
- show current user home space items, then each item can be viewed (if it is folder) or downloaded in a new window/browser
- search documents after keywords and display the first 20 results: name, date, description and download URL
- upload a file from the local device into user home space of Alfresco (My Home)
- save settings for Alfresco URL, username and password

Tested for
Nokia 5800 real device (teoretically any Nokia phone with WRT 1.1)
Server Alfresco Community 3.2

Any comments are welcome.