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Attaching Property with Association

Question asked by amarendra.thakur on Nov 10, 2009
Dear All,

I am creating a space in alfresco and assigning Users to that space by applying association through my custom model.xml.
Now i also have to display the "Status"  of the user (Active or Inactive).something like below

<aspect name="km:spaceMembersInfo">
            <property name="km:memberStatus">
            <association name="km:spaceMembers">
               <title>Member List</title>

But the problem is that in the above case,the assoc "km:spaceMembers" and and the property "km:memberStatus" are not bind to each other,they are rather individual

I want to display the users and their status in that space.

Can anyone tell me how can i do that

Thanks & Regards

Amarendra Thakur