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custom record series identifier

Question asked by phillip.eskalon on Nov 10, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2011 by sduis
hi all,

is it possible and when how to set up custom  records series identifier? So what I want to do is quite simple. Each new Series represent a customer. If I create a new one, the identifier should be something like 0001. For a new Series(customer) 0002 and so on. When I create a new Category like Feature-List the identifier should be 000x-01. Does anyone know how to set it up?

For Example, when I now create a new Series the identifier is something like this Record Series Identifier: 2009-0000001857 and a sub-folder looks like Record Category Identifier: 2009-0000001925. And it should be Series folder: 0001. Sub-folder: 0001-01.

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