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SOLRAPIClient.getAclReaders() failing [JSON exception]

Question asked by poet_imp on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by poet_imp
I am running a fresh install of 4.0.d on CentOS 6.2. It is a vanilla install with the single exception that I have configured and enabled ldap-ad.

From the user's point of view everything is working just fine. Active Directory users are able to login. Sites can be created and documents can be uploaded. Nothing else has been attempted, though, and I know this because I know all of the users … It only has one at the moment and it is me.

However the back end is not happy. I am running in a VM with two CPUs and 2GB ram. Both CPUs are pretty much pegged 100% of the time. I see little to no disk activity but there are a couple postgres tasks that consistently use about 15% CPU each. The ambiguous "java" task is reporting 150-160% busy. Whatever it is chewing on is probably cached.

To create the log below I stopped alfreso, cleared the catalina.out log file and restarted. Once I saw the error occur I brought it down again to give a birth-to-death log of the event. Look for the string in the title to find the error. If allowed to run this error is repeated about every minute or so. Any pointers towards a solution would be much appreciated. Searching for a solution has come close on occasion but nothing that is a direct hit yet.

I read the forum read me… here is the whole log: