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Indexing bottleneck

Question asked by zladuric on Mar 11, 2010

I'm using 3.0 version alfresco for document management in my company, and I'm kind of stuck. The problem is that lately, my CPU is all consumed. By monitoring what alfresco's doing, I believe it's taking a lot of time to index all of the documents in the system.

We have some 300-500 hundred documents put into the system during work hours (so in few hours). In these times and a short time after that, the server load goes really high - around 10 on a Dual-Core AMD Opteron with 8GB RAM. The users also feel the slowdowns in their use, the scripts sometimes break for no reason… I think it's because of all the processing/indexing that alfresco is doing.
I have about 5-10 concurrent users on the system + 70ish casual (that log in maybe once or twice a day).

Can anybody speculate a bit with me, is this my probable cause? The indexing process and copying/moving documents around takes all the time?
I don't want to just upgrade my CPU, I would like to know why the load is so high. The wiki ( says my setup should be really fine.

Apart from the upgrade, what else could I do to decrease the load? What services take the most CPU time in alfresco?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.