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Webdav share on Linux

Question asked by daria on Nov 10, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2009 by daria

I try to setup a webdav share and I have trouble mostly on Linux and MAC client.

Host : Debian, Alfresco version 3.0

On Ubuntu : I can delete, rename create but I can't open files with OpenOffice. When I try to open a .doc file, it doesn't even open in read-only. I can open other type like .txt and save them.

On MAC : Almost same behavior as Ubuntu but instead opening a new file in OpenOffice, it open the file in read-only.

On Windows : Almost everything work fine. With Office Word it is fine, I can save no problem. With OpenOffice I can save files as well but every time I open a document, I am prompt to enter my password. Also, I can't read other type of files. I tried .txt and pdf. txt prompt a bad syntax error message, with pdf it says File not found.