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Use of OpenOffice vs LibreOffice in custom installation

Question asked by sasquatch58 on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by resplin
In my testing, I've run the same version of Alfresco (3.4d Tomcat install under Ubuntu) but in one version I run OpenOffice and in  the other version I have run LibreOffice as the embedded document engine.
I can say that both have worked and the only difference seems be some version error messages related to OpenOffice whern working with the LibreOffice version.
Looking at the two packages and the current public evidence of development produced by Apache (OpenOffice) and the Document Foundation (LibreOffice) it seems that the latter is evolving and improving at a faster rate.
Does anyone else have experience working with or testing the two packages in Alfresco and can advise on the future use of either?
Is Alfresco likely to change given that they have also recently changed preferences to Postgresql for the supporting database?
One could also ask about Java preferences as well.

Cheers, Sasquatch