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Association to child node of a data list

Question asked by peterzmlim on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by sbixsbix
Hi, I'm new to the datalist concept.

Basically I have nodes custom:docs that inherits "cm:content". I'm planning to use the data list to implement and maintain a list of clients "customcdl:clientList". This list will also be used as the data for a dynamic constraint list.

Now, it is mandatory for every custom:docs to "belong" to a client within the customcdl:clientList. Is it possible for the associativity to be done directly to the individual children of the customcdl:clientList?  Wouldn't <class>customcdl:clientList</class> associates the custom:docs node to the whole data list container? How can I directly associate to the child of the datalist of customcdl:clientList?

Also, as the client list is supposed to be available throughout the group without the user subgroupping of the Sites, is it possible to create the data list without the use of Sites?

Any help possible is definitely appreciated :)

Peter Lim