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Selective line display/reporting from a very large file

Question asked by bopolissimus on Nov 11, 2009
Hello all,

I have a relatively narrow problem that the company I work for would like to solve using alfresco.  I'm not clear on what features of alfresco can help with this at all, so I'm posting the problem here and am hoping that someone (or several someones) can point me in useful directions.

We have log files that we would like to selectively search.  The log files will be stored in alfresco.  Each "record" is on its own line and generally the query will match only a few records out of several thousand.  We're trying to keep things as simple as possible, so we're going to store whole log files in alfresco (not cut them apart into individual rows=>files).  Alfresco search can find us the right logfile, but I don't see how to easily take that log file and then display only the matching rows in it.

What parts/features of alfresco should I be looking at to solve this narrow problem?  Or is it a totally misguided thing to try to do?

I'm not convinced that having alfresco do this is the best way, but then there are large parts of alfresco that I don't know about.  At our organization though, we're trying to standardize on alfresco as a common platform for document management, storage, integration with our wiki, etc.  We would like, therefore, to explore performing this reporting task in alfresco.  If it's possible to do in alfresco, and not onerous, then we might use alfresco for future reporting tasks also.

Thanks for any pointers (including negative ones, if this attempt is terribly misguided).

Gerald Quimpo